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Have aches and pains? Could be from your work set-up!

Home offices aren’t always built for optimal musculoskeletal health. That’s why Performance is offering COMPLIMENTARY virtual ergonomic assessments from June 25th through July 1st!

The home ergonomic assessments will be a private 15-minute video consultation via Zoom performed by one of our certified physical therapists. We will observe your work-from-home set-up while taking you through a series of questions to assess your environment. Based on your answers, we will provide suggestions to maximize your comfort and optimize your workspace. A summary of personalized recommendations will be emailed to you following the assessment.

Email to schedule your complimentary ergonomic assessment!


The FDA defines ergonomics as “the scientific study of people at work.” We have all heard of ergonomic-friendly chairs, desks and mouse pads, but what does it actually mean?

An ergonomically-sound workplace is one that is designed to minimize work-related musculoskeletal injuries. Common work-related injuries attributed to poor ergonomics at a desk job include:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Nerve compression
  • Sciatica

A thorough ergonomic assessment conducted by a qualified professional, such as a physical therapist, can make improvements to your current set up to decrease your risk for work-related injury, discomfort, or stress.