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Golf Fitness

Optimize your golf performance


With personalized programming and a team approach to care, you can optimize your golf performance by improving your strength and mobility. Our Titleist Performance Institute Certified golf experts examine inefficiencies in your biomechanics and identify areas for improvement through a musculoskeletal lens.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Analysis

Analysis of golf-specific movement and strength-based screens that examine how your body moves in relation your golf swing.

Enhanced Body-Swing Connection

One-on-one custom training sessions to enhance your body-swing connection and target the areas in need of improvement.

Improved Strength and Mobility

Tailor-made program that addresses deficits and movement compensations identified in the evaluation.

Personalized Programming

Tailored to player-specific goals, such as increasing distance, quicker recovery, or simply having the most efficient swing.

We complete your golf team


Our professionals promote a collaborative team approach between the player, their golf pro or teaching professional, their physical therapist, and others involved in the optimization of the golfer’s performance to provide the best outcomes possible. We also have nutritionists and mental performance consultants on staff to comprehensively round out a player's needs.

Improvement tracked by metrics


Our golf fitness program provides quantifiable results, based on a 16-stage body-swing assessment, strength and power assessment, and pain/impairment scales, as well as a TrackMan swing analysis, dependent on the location. This data allows your provider to accurately measure improvement and determine what, if any, changes need to be made to the program.

For locations with our golf simulator, golfers have additional access to real-time club and ball data analysis, including club speed, total distance, club path, launch angle, carry, face angle, spin rate and ball speed.

Golf Fitness Program

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The Golf Evaluation is performed by our TPI Certified physical therapists and it involves comprehensive analysis of how your body is moving in relation your golf swing. This includes a biomechanical analysis of the individual’s swing and golf-specific movement and strength-based screens to get an in-depth look into how your body is functioning and to find potential compensations which may lead to injury and inefficiencies within the swing. In addition, our provider will take the time to assess other aspects of your health that may impact your performance, including your recovery habits, sleep quality, nutrition intake, and stress levels.

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Training Program

After completing the comprehensive evaluation, our TPI Certified professionals spend time with the client in one-on-one custom training sessions to enhance their body-swing connection and target the areas in need of improvement. The program provides an individualized strengthening and mobility program, tailor-made to address deficits and movement compensations identified in the evaluation. Programming is based on player-specific goals, such as power training for more distance, mobility for less pain or quicker recovery, or simply having the most efficient swing possible.

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The reassessment functions as a check-in to see how the client is progressing through their training program through the same tests that were performed during the initial evaluation. The provider will then evaluate the progress that has been made towards the client’s specific goals and make any necessary modifications to the training program as needed. The reassessment is also another opportunity for the provider to huddle with the client's golf teaching professional to ensure everyone is on the same page and aligned together.


Your superb training, encouragement, enthusiasm, support, flexible schedules, and most importantly believing in me, has all helped me to begin achieving my goals! Thank you all so much for making my dreams come true, helping me play one of my best rounds ever at the Ladies Masters Club Championships!"

Marianne, winner of the Net Award - Marianne, winner of the Net Award

It is imperative that my students practice intelligently and efficiently. I send my students to Performance Optimal Health knowing that they will target exactly the areas that will help their golf game the most. If a player is doing the correct work in the gym and on the practice range, great improvement is just a matter of time."

Adam Rainaud, Head Golf Professional at Country Club of New Canaan - Adam Rainaud, Head Golf Professional at Country Club of New Canaan

“I have noticed a distinct difference between my students’ golf swings that work with TPI Certified medical and fitness trainers at Performance Optimal Health. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that their rate of improvement, balance, and consistency of swing improve much more than students that do not."

profile testimonial - Todd Wingerter, Head Golf Professional at Burning Tree Country Club

Meet Our Golf Experts

18 of last 20 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert, which is why each member of our golf team is a certified TPI fitness or medical instructor. TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing, and sets the standard for the industry. Instructors are trained to not just maximize performance, but lessen the risk of injury.

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Private Golf Studio

Experience our state-of-the-art golf simulator powered by TrackMan. Through TrackMan technology and its groundbreaking radar systems, golfers can get precise and reliable feedback on swing and ball metrics. This allows the golfer to make real time adjustments and develop proper swing mechanics that get reinforced with each swing. By providing club delivery, ball flight, launch and landing data, the TrackMan's actionable feedback is essential to improving your golf game, especially in the off-season.

Starting at $50 an hour, you will have exclusive access to our private studio, which accommodates up to six people. Membership options available.*

*Golf simulator available at select locations.

Play simulated golf

TrackMan technology is set apart from its competition through its seamless integration with a full golf simulator. This allows the golfer to get immersed in a larger than life golf experience. Enjoy a round on the world's best courses — without having to leave the state: Albany GC, Bethesda CC, Glen Oaks Club, Muirfield Village, Royal Troon, Shelter Harbor, St Andrews and more.

golfer looking at metrics real-time on the trackman

Golf practice

See real-time club and ball data analysis, including club speed, club path, launch angle, carry, face angle, spin rate and ball speed. Improve your game with lessons from golf professionals or rent the practice bay for yourself or a group of six, and get the most out of the state-of-the-art technology. You will also have access to a golf expert who can help you analyze your data, no matter the level you're at.

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