We choose communities such as Naples because of people like you:
people who live active lifestyles, are goal oriented, and value health.


At Performance, we help clients in our communities achieve their health goals through a coordinated and highly-personalized optimal health strategy which combines exercise, recovery, nutrition and stress management. Our team consists of physical therapists, trainers, nutritionists, recovery specialists, Pilates instructors and mental performance consultants, all of whom work together to create custom treatment plans to optimize your recovery and performance.

Each of us has a goal, a unique vision of our best selves

Achieving that goal is easier with the help of experts in the fields of exercise, recovery, nutrition and stress management. So whether it’s healing from an injury, increased longevity or improved fitness, at Performance Optimal Health we put a coordinated and highly-personalized strategy in place so you can reach your goals... and exceed them.

Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it


Using comprehensive research and the latest technology, we incorporate the four pillars of optimal health (exercise, recovery, nutrition, stress management) into your care. Each pillar plays a significant role in your optimal health journey, and using tools and services from each of the pillars can greatly enhance and expedite your path to success.


Our musculoskeletal experts help you optimize movement by addressing deficiencies and areas of concern, as well as improving strength, flexibility and balance.

Physical Therapy | Personal Training | Pilates



Proper recovery not only aids in the healing of injuries but is also critical for preventing future injuries by reducing inflammation, improving circulation and minimizing soreness.

Massage | Cryotherapy | Compression Therapy



Proper nutrition can promote muscle growth and increase bone strength. It can also reduce inflammation, increase your immune response and decrease the risk of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease.

Evaluations | Coaching



With the right training mindset, you can manage stress levels, improve motivation and successfully bounce back from setbacks or injuries on your path to optimal health.

Mental Performance Consulting


What Our Clients Say


As someone who had two partial knee replacements and spinal fusion surgery, I needed to find a low impact exercise that would still let me do a full body workout. My surgeon recommended Pilates, which is a full body workout that improves mobility without causing pain. I chose to work with the Pilates instructors at Performance, knowing they work in tandem with my physical therapists to create a treatment program that incorporated Pilates into my recovery. Their seamless communication ensured that I could complete my workouts and mobility exercises without injury — I couldn’t have asked for better care.

profile testimonial - Doug H.

Performance Optimal Health provides me with a comprehensive support network for all my training needs. Between physical therapy, strength training, massage therapy, Pilates, cryotherapy, nutrition consultations and access to resources like the AlterG, I have everything that I need to ensure optimal chances for success. They share in my philosophy of balanced training through injury prevention, recovery and strength training, and it would be very difficult for me to perform at the highest level without their support.

profile testimonial - Heather Knight Pech, Marathoner/4x Boston Marathon Division Winner & AG Boston Marathon course record holder

After working with trainers who often pushed me too hard, working with the personal trainers at Performance Optimal Health was a really positive experience. With the support of Performance’s team of trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and nutritionists, I was able to find a program that enabled me to work on my fitness and health goals without injury. Then, when life threw me curveballs and I needed more than general support, the Performance team was there for me every step of the way. I knew I could trust them to help me overcome those challenges and they came through for me.

profile testimonial - Anne J.

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