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Personal Trainer

BS in Exercise Science, Southern Connecticut State University

Postural Restoration Institute Certified

CPR Certified

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David Penna

“It all starts with positivity. Positive energy can be felt, heard, seen, and most importantly, shared. Sometimes, all it takes is a small push from someone else."

David Penna finds his niche in results-driven environments that are full of communication, support and positivity. He strongly believes in positive reinforcement, and that one small push in the right direction can set you up for success. He uses a whole-body approach when treating significant issues, helping clients feel like they are heard and understood, and on a path to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Growing up, David lived a very athletic life and played sports year-round. Not only did he love exercising, but he was also fascinated with the human body. Becoming a personal trainer not only meant David was able to continue studying a topic of interest, but that he could help others while doing so. His specialties include neurological & vestibular exercises, as well as postural restoration techniques

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