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Massage Therapist

AS in Occupational Studies, The Swedish Institute

Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT

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Care From The Core

Eric Joppy

“I feel a deep sense of fulfillment when I am able to help someone find peace and comfort within their body, and I believe it is a big part of why I am here on Earth.”

Eric Joppy, LMT, is a massage therapist based in Manhattan who specializes in energy work, including touch therapy, a mix of Eastern and Western massage techniques, and polarity technique, used to manipulate energy flow and balance by applying the hands to opposing locations of the body.

Eric’s technique works to unblock and release trapped emotions and hormones within connective tissue and within the mind, as well as release adhesions and misalignments within muscles and tendons. His unique approach to massage therapy through focusing on energy and qi allows him to provide an effective and relaxing experience for his clients.

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