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Head of Business Administration

BS in Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin

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Ian Lesser

"I empower others by being an example. I pride myself on being an information junkie on a wide variety of topics; I am constantly active, seeking nutrition for both the mind and the body. Finally, I empower others by leading with empathy and understanding individual needs.”

Ian Lesser has worn many hats. Though he started out wanting to be a doctor, he also took to finance, strategies and operations. As the head of the finance department at Performance Optimal Health, Ian married his love for healthcare with his passion for operations.

In his role, Ian collaborates with both the finance and human resource departments. Additionally, he leads, optimizes and achieves strategic organizational goals by drawing on his extensive experience with helping startups expand and grow.

Ian’s other passions include his dog, Cooper, as well as traveling, experiencing the arts and being a proud foodie. But he doesn’t just consume food; he will consume almost any documentary, podcast or film that comes his way.

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