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Janice Brennan

"I empower my clients by teaching them about their bodies and to question everything that does not feel right. This builds trust between us, and their progress is notably faster and more effective."

Janice Brennan, RN, CPI, VBI, is a classically trained Pilates instructor with extensive training and a robust background. She started off as a ballerina at the Atlanta Ballet and transitioned to Pilates by studying under Romana Krysnowska and her daughter, Sari, at the New York and Atlanta Certification Centers and the original Dragos gym.

Once she completed her 600-hour certification, Jan returned to Georgia and her roots to train dancers from the Atlanta Ballet, Georgia Ballet and Pilates apprentices. She continued to teach Pilates to new instructors for many years, venturing into several different Pilates disciples, including the contemporary method. Throughout, Jan maintained her trademark ability of elevating clients to the advanced level safely while keeping in mind their limitations and ability.

Upon returning to the northeast, Janice reintroduced classical dance and ballet principles into her practice and completed an advanced V Barre certification.

Janice is also a registered nurse and has strong ties to the medical community. She created a Pilates recovery program for recovering breast cancer patients at Northside Hospital in Georgia to help them recover and gain their confidence back.