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Personal Trainer

BS in Biology, Northeastern University

MS in Basic Medical Sciences, St. George’s University

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Golf Fitness Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Core Value

Sweat The Small Stuff

David Axelrod

“I believe that consistency in the small things, not just the big ones, is what adds up and makes the biggest difference — not only in fitness, but in life.”

David Axelrod, CPT, specializes in strength and conditioning, corrective exercises, and sports-specific training, including golf fitness. He is currently studying to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

As a personal trainer, David strives to help others not only transform their bodies, but also their whole lives. He believes in an individualized approach to programming for clients, catering to their different preferences, abilities, and lifestyles.

David has over five years of experience working as a personal trainer, along with over fifteen years of weightlifting experience.

Outside of being a personal trainer, David enjoys cooking, watching movies, going to the beach, watching and playing sports, and trying new restaurants.

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