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Personal Trainer

BS in Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

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Samantha Cohen

“It’s important to have bad days and be able to learn from them. Working through those bad days is when you learn the most.”

Samantha Cohen, CPT, is a personal trainer and certified sports nutrition coach based in Greenwich. She is particularly interested in strength and conditioning training and working with athletes, having interned for the Yankees Triple A team, the Scranton RailRiders.

As a trainer, Samantha focuses on teaching her clients to train with intent. By focusing on form, personal goals and steady improvements, Samantha believes clients will have better outcomes. You can run faster or lift heavier weights, but without good form, consistency or a robust recovery routine, achieving your goals will take a lot longer. In her training programs, Samantha often incorporates the foundations of functional fitness, as it is the most beneficial type of exercise because it focuses on movements that most people utilize daily.

Samantha was recently accepted at Pace University, where she will pursue a degree is Nutrition and Dietetics starting in the fall.

When she’s not in the Performance gym, you can find Samantha at her local gym or CrossFit location. She’s also quite the foodie (can eat Mexican food all the time) and a proud owner of two lovable Bernedoodles, Jagger and Hazel.

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