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Infrared saunas use invisible light rays to heat your body from the inside out, rather than heating the air around you like a traditional sauna. Scientists have established that infrared waves are beneficial to the human body because they are easily absorbed. These rays stimulate the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems through vibration of water molecules in the cells of the body to release toxins. As your body absorbs the infrared heat, your core body temperature increases, inducing a deep and relaxing sweat.

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Benefits of an infrared sauna.

Studies have shown that infrared sauna helps to detoxify the body and treat chronic health problems. These can include high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be used to help relieve symptoms of headaches, type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, recreational racket player, or just aiming to make the high school varsity team, athletes at every level need their bodies to perform at an optimal level. Using an infrared sauna helps the body recover from strenuous workouts faster. It can also help relieve muscle soreness by increasing blood flow and circulation through the body.

The research

Treatment of chronic pain and cardiovascular issues
Sauna therapy is effective at treating hypertension, congestive heart failure, and for post-myocardial infarction care. It also provides benefit to individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or addictions.
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Regular use of a sauna can impart a similar benefit on the cardiovascular system as running.
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Effects on respiratory system
Men who used a sauna twice per week found their risk of pneumonia decreased. They also saw improvement in ventilation and lung function, along with a reduction in pulmonary congestion.
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Immunity advantages
Increasing the body's temperature can help increase immunity against disease and help fight off infections in the body. Inducing fever-range temperatures (100.4 – 105.8°F) stimulates every step of the immune response process and promotes innate and adaptive immunity.
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The use of a sauna causes faster cell mobilization in the first line of immune defense of the body and can enhance the ability to fight disease.
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In this episode, Todd and Mike review heat therapies such as paraffin baths, infrared saunas, traditional saunas and steam saunas, and discuss how they differ from each other.

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