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At Performance Optimal Health, we believe in supporting performing artists through all phases of their career, from class to cross training to on-stage performance. Our performing arts medicine specialists focus on injury prevention, technique assessment and re-training, consulting on overall health and wellness, assessing and treating injuries affecting the dancer, so you can be the best form of you.

Connected with the top performing arts physicians throughout Manhattan

Access to state-of-the-art equipment, including array of cardio equipment, Normatec compression therapy and Pilates Reformers.

Injury prevention and recovery

We offer a tailored injury prevention assessment specific to the dancer’s needs. Home program to address dance technique, education on warm up and cool down, flooring, proper footwear.

Dance-specific rehabilitation

We take you from injury to post-rehab, pre- and post- surgical, physical therapy to address acute and chronic injury to dance-specific cross training to maintain longevity throughout your dance career.

Enhancing peak performance

Dancers perform at their best when they are in peak physical and mental health. Specialized care and programming for the performing artist, to be the best form of you.

Stress Management Skills

With the right mindset, you can manage stress levels, improve motivation and successfully bounce back from setbacks or injuries on your path to optimal health.

Common Conditions Treated


Foot and ankle injuries

Hip pain

Neck and low back pain

Chronic overuse injury

Knee pain

Elisa LaBelle, PT, MSPT, is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy practicing in New York City, with a specialty in performing arts medicine. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from New York University as well as Pilates Mat and Equipment Certifications. Meet Elisa.

Elisa LaBelle

Elisa LaBelle, PT, MSPT

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