Proper nutrition can promote muscle growth and increase bone strength. It can also reduce inflammation, increase your immune response and decrease the risk of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease.

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A highly specialized approach to your diet.

At Performance, we can help you achieve your health goals, be it preventing or managing chronic disease, increasing strength for your next sports tournament, or simply developing healthier habits.

Our team of expert nutritionists and dietitians specialize in a variety of areas, including weight management, women's health (including pre- and post-natal nutrition), pediatrics, sports dietetics, oncology nutrition, as well as allergies and sensitivities.

Nutrition Consultation

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At each location, you can find a variety of nutrition services offered, including nutrition evaluations, nutrition coaching, and more.

Nutrition Evaluation


The nutrition evaluation is a comprehensive analysis of a client's nutrition habits and health history that results in a personalized nutrition plan. The process begins with a thorough evaluation involving a health and medical background, food journal, and an in-depth analysis of current nutrition and desired goals. Based on this information, our nutritionists will design a comprehensive program that involves meal planning, recipes, as well as regular nutritional support and education.

The evaluation package involves two follow-up sessions to ensure that clients receive proper education in their nutrition plan and that results are measured at a regular interval.

Nutrition for Longevity Membership

The Nutrition for Longevity Membership is designed to help clients increase their energy, prevent the development of disease, improve quality of life and even prolong their lifespan. The membership begins with a 60-minute one-on-one evaluation with a nutritionist, followed by a weekly education email series as well as monthly 60-minute consultations.

Memberships involve a minimum 3-month commitment. For more information, please email, or call us at 877-379-4911.

Nutrition for Longevity

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