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With the right mindset, you can manage stress levels, improve motivation and successfully bounce back from setbacks or injuries on your path to optimal health.

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Strengthen your mental performance.

While physical performance and health play a large role in finding success, the mental and psychological aspect cannot be overlooked. Athletes, CEOs, parents, and others often find that their mental state affects their performance and vice versa. This can result in anxiety, burnout, loss of confidence, poor communication and more.

While these concerns do not easily go away on their own, mental performance consulting can help athletes, teams or other people in high pressure environments compete, gain advantage and thrive in volatile, chaotic and competitive environments.

Mental Performance Evaluation

Mental performance consulting

At Performance, our highly qualified mental performance consultants help clients address anxiety and stress management, practice conflict resolution, create routines, improve sleep and recovery, and set goals, among other key issues. Clients will learn how to identify when issues occur, as well as learn relaxation techniques, accountability, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, resilience, looking at situations from different perspectives, and more.

From turning negative thoughts into productive ones to consistently completing daily check-ins with yourself, our consultants will help clients learn skills and tools they can use in all aspects of life to improve their mental game.

Athlete Mental Performance

For Athletes

Athletes who are recovering from injuries, dealing with mental blocks, or simply looking to get to the next level will learn how to find success both off and on the field.

Professional Mental Performance

For Professionals

Corporate athletes, working parents, and other professionals will learn how to avoid burnout, improve communication skills, manage stress and reduce performance anxiety.

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Meet Our Mental Performance Consultants

Adam Wright
Mental Performance Consultant
Virtual — All Locations


Sarah Sutin
Mental Performance Consultant
Virtual — All Locations


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