Proper recovery not only aids in the healing of injuries but is also critical for preventing future injuries by reducing inflammation, improving circulation and minimizing soreness.
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recovery specialist applying local cryotherapy to an elbow

We don't just treat injuries, we prevent them.


Recovery is essential in achieving the full benefits of exercise without risking overtraining. Prescribed exercise programs are often supplemented with applicable recovery methods in order to recover faster, decrease pain, and most importantly, prevent future injuries.

Or team of massage therapists and recovery specialists coordinate with board certified physical therapists, nationally accredited trainers and Pilates instructors to ensure your program involves the appropriate recovery method at the proper frequency and dosage to help you achieve your goals.

recovery specialist applying local cryotherapy to an elbow

Featured services

At each location, you can find a variety of recovery services offered, including massage therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy and more.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective, soft tissue technique that promotes healing, stress reduction, improved circulation and muscle release. We offer sport, therapeutic and medical massage therapies.


Cryotherapy is a cold therapy that uses pressurized liquid nitrogen to decrease inflammation and reduce pain, among other benefits. We offer whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy and cryofacials.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna stimulates the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems. It has been proven to help the body recover from strenuous workouts faster and can help relieve muscle soreness.

Compression Therapy

Normatec compression therapy increases blood flow and circulation in the extremities and can lessen pain sensitivity, decrease muscle fatigue and increase range of motion.

Recovery packages

To retain the most benefits from our recovery services, we designed two unique recovery packages aimed at increasing sports performance as well as promoting healthy aging and longevity. Packages offer unlimited access to the most clinically proven services (cryotherapy, infrared sauna, and Normatec), as well as 10% off massage services and priority booking for all massage appointments.

Monthly packages cost $300, with a minimum three-month commitment.

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Longevity Recovery

Longevity Recovery Package is curated and implemented by medical professionals and personalized to your specific health needs, risk factors or pre-existing conditions. This program aims to promote healthy aging and longevity by improving body chemistry, increasing energy levels, and improving bone density.

Sample program:

Infrared Sauna:
Aim for sessions four to seven days per week.

Cryotherapy: Two to three sessions a week produce the best and most consistent results.

Normatec: Either every day or after a workout session.

Massage Therapy: Come in for a massage on off days or as needed.

Highly credentialed team

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Our massage therapists and recovery specialists are highly specialized in various areas to address our clients' diverse needs. Specialties include sports massage, medical massage, orthopedic massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pre/post-natal massage, stretching, kinesiology taping, MyoFascial release therapy, craniosacral therapy, and neuromuscular therapy, among others.

Our recovery specialists create custom recovery programming to meet your needs, from post-workout recovery regimens to day-to-day wellbeing recommendations.

Let us know how we can help.

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