Isleidi García

Isleidi García

Physical Therapist

  • Massage Therapy, Lee Professional Institute

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
Isleidi García

North Naples


“A massage is a time to honor your body, which we demand so much of daily. ”

Isleidi García, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist based in Naples who specializes in Swedish Massage, connective tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, cupping, neuromuscular massage, sports massage, and more. She started her career working with plastic surgeons, in post-operative recovery with lymphatic drainage techniques for corrective surgery patients, and implantation of prostheses.

Later, Isleidi started to expand her expertise into the relaxation and the holistic areas of massage, as well as working with chiropractic doctors. There, she started practicing sports and connective tissue massages and working with patients with different types of injuries due to accidents. In that role, she worked with tennis players, golfers, and runners, among other athletes.

Isleidi also has experience with treatments for recovery from rotator cuff injuries, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, migraines, lymphatic drainage for people with breast reconstructions due to cancer, as well as people with edema. Isleidi is always open to learning new techniques, and she currently is working toward a CranioSacral Massage Certificate.

As a massage therapist, Isleidi listens to the needs of each client, and makes it a priority to make them feel cared for, comfortable, and safe, so that they can enjoy the massage and experience its full benefits.

Outside of massage therapy, Isleidi enjoys contact with nature, traveling and seeing new places, as well as reading and learning many things I like, taking professional and personal development courses, dancing, and enjoying spending time with my family.

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