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Business Development Lead

BS in Allied Health Sciences, University of Connecticut

DPT, University of Connecticut

Sports Certified Specialist (SCS)

Certified in Active Release Therapy (ART)

Core Value

Sweat The Small Stuff

Kevin Cota

"I empower people to live better by encouraging wellness in all aspects of their lives."

Kevin Cota, DPT, PT, SCS, ART, is a board-certified sports clinical specialist, certified in active release therapy and a certified dry needling specialist. Growing up in a family with only brothers and playing three varsity sports throughout high school, he grew up constantly competing. Now, Kevin has found a new kind of competition: getting his clients back to what they love as quickly and safely as possible. He enjoys being able to diagnose and treat orthopedic and sports injuries due to the complex nature of human movement and demands that are placed on the body daily. Kevin specializes in adolescent injuries and return to sport interventions for athletes.

In addition to leading business development at Performance, Kevin also serves as the physical therapist for the New York Rangers. When he is not working, Kevin can be found on a boat, fishing, playing hockey or spending time with his family.