Meghan Dietz
Meghan Dietz

Meghan Dietz

Chief Operations Officer

  • BS in Biology, Villanova University
  • DPT, New York Medical College
Meghan Dietz

New Canaan


“I love being part of the process that helps people return to activity and achieve performance goals – it’s an ongoing joy and privilege to be part of that process with my patients.”

Meghan Dietz, DPT, is a physical therapist, women's health specialist, and chief operating officer at Performance Optimal Health. Having started practicing in 2008, she has years of experience both as a physical therapist at several major hospitals and an operations director, making her the perfect fit for Performance. Meghan was excited to join the operations team, seeing a great opportunity to work in another multidisciplinary group that works to empower patients and provide holistic care.

As a physical therapist, Meghan enjoys working with all kinds of clients and cases, but she specializes in running performance and injury rehab (with an emphasis on distance running), as well as women’s health and pelvic floor physical therapy.

Meghan has always been interested in health care as a profession, and found that physical therapy was a great combination of scientific processes, educating people, and empowerment of patients on an individual level. Meghan had always enjoyed playing sports and being active as a young kid, and physical therapy was a natural career path for her to stay active. Being a therapist enabled Meghan to work with many people with diverse interests in activity and movement, and it brings her joy to see people be active and empowered to do what they love.

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