Roza Murphy
Roza Murphy

Roza Murphy

Personal Trainer

  • Registered Dietitian, Medical University of Warsaw
  • MPH, Medical University of Warsaw

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Sports Nutrition Certified
Roza Murphy



“I care about every client I have; I care about their goals and expectations, and I will do everything I can to design their program and set achievable goals, as well as help with their diet, stress management and recovery.”

Roza Murphy, CPT, is a personal trainer based in Westport. She started out as a registered dietitian in Poland, then transitioned to a career in personal training in the United States. As a former athlete herself (she used to swim and run), Roza believes that everyone can benefit from exercise. Whether it’s working out, doing Pilates, going on a walk or meditating, she underscores the importance of people having an escape from their hectic lives.

As a trainer, Roza seeks to educate her client on the “why” behind everything they do. Once they do, they can take better care of their health and lead a healthier lifestyle. By teaching her clients about their nutrition, recovery and managing their stress, Roza can help them achieve their goals and bring that knowledge home.

On the side, Roza likes to volunteer as a trainer for her son’s soccer team and daughter’s tennis team. And drawing on her high school days, she is determined to keep running — she’s been able to complete a marathon and three half marathons, a success she attributes to plenty of strength training.

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