How Can Nutrition Impact Longevity?

We are excited to announce that Performance Optimal Health is now offering memberships, the first of which is the Nutrition for Longevity Membership. It is designed to help clients increase their energy, prevent the development of disease, improve quality of life and even prolong their lifespan. Here's a preview.

Feb 27, 2023
Koren Bradshaw, MS, CDN, CLC
Longevity woman eating an apple

Try as we might, we are not able to stop the biological process of aging – even the fittest among us eventually experience the aging process.

What we are able to control, however, are the individual risk factors for the negative effects of aging, and the ability to potentially slow the speed and impact of the aging process.

Fortunately for most, there’s no magic wand required. Through simple, focused changes in diet and lifestyle, we may be able to increase our energy, prevent the development of disease, improve our quality of life and prolong our lifespan.

Though of course aging impacts the entire body, focusing on the health of several key body systems can vastly improve the aging experience by helping to maintain mobility, energy, agility, and cognitive health. Ensuring these areas are healthy will provide for a markedly improved aging experience and more enjoyable later decades.

In the email portion of the Nutrition for Longevity Membership, we will focus on nourishing and supporting the Brain, Bone, Muscle, Skin and Joint, Gut Health, and Immune Systems so that you will feel strong, and more energetic and make strides toward sustained longevity.

How Does Nutrition Make An Impact Here?

Well, much like your mom used to say, you literally are what you eat! The foods we incorporate into our daily diet can and do strongly impact the health and function of these systems so crucial to a healthy aging process. Being sure to intentionally include certain foods provides necessary nutrients and building blocks to support cellular processes, maintain health and even promote growth where ideal, while also protecting against degeneration.

The best way to take your first steps toward longevity is to keep it simple and take a look at your next meal, and the pantry you’re pulling your food from. Quality and content matter when it comes to fueling your health and the first step is making sure what you’re eating is serving you well.

Each week in this series, we’ll delve deeper into a different topic and provide information on how to eat well and incorporate the building blocks you need to maximize your longevity potential!

The Nutrition for Longevity Membership is designed to help clients increase their energy, prevent the development of disease, improve quality of life and even prolong their lifespan. The membership begins with a 60-minute one-on-one evaluation with a nutritionist, followed by a weekly education email series as well as monthly 60-minute consultations.