Marathon Mondays: Nutrition and hydration for the long distance runner

On this episode of Marathon Mondays, hosts Britt Gunsser and Brendan Copley bring in nutritionist Ashley Jerry to discuss essential fueling strategies for long-distance runners. They cover the importance of macronutrients, hydration, and carbohydrate intake, providing practical tips to manage GI distress, optimize nutrition during taper phases, and make informed choices regarding supplements, all aimed at helping runners enhance their performance and recovery.

June 5, 2023 | Britt Gunsser, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS | Brendan Copley, CSCS, ATC | Ashley Jerry, MS

Nutrition and hydration for the long distance runner

On this episode of Marathon Mondays hosted by physical therapist and RRCA Running Coach Britt Gunsser and personal trainer Brendan Copley invite nutritionist Ashley Jerry to share insights on fueling strategies for long-distance runners. The episode kicks off by emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition throughout the entire training plan, and especially as training intensity and duration increase. Ashley underscores the essential role of macronutrients — carbohydrates, fats, and proteins — in meeting a runner's energy needs. Additionally, she offers practical advice on maintaining proper hydration, especially in hot weather, and ensuring an adequate intake of electrolytes.

The discussion deepens into the significance of carbohydrates in sustaining energy levels during long runs, and they discuss recommendations based on the timing and types of carbohydrates that runners should consume. Ashley also provides examples of pre and post-meal options for marathon runners and explores strategies to manage gastrointestinal distress during and after runs, shedding light on common triggers for such issues and how to prevent them.

Over the course of the episode, Ashley, Brendan and Britt cover a range of topics related to running nutrition, including fueling on days involving both running and weightlifting, the use of supplements like BCAAs and green powders, recognizing signs of under-recovery, and the importance of incorporating rest days into a training regimen.

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Ashley Jerry

Ashley Jerry

Ashley Jerry, MS, is a nutritionist who specializes in a variety of fields, including food sensitivities, medical conditions, and sports nutrition. Ashley specializes in sports-specific nutrition guidance, including for sports such as running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, crew, football, and more.

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Britt Gunsser

Britt Gunsser

Britt Gunsser, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, certified Schroth therapist and dry needling specialist. She has completed extensive work on running rehabilitation and is an RRCA Running Coach.

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Brendan Copley

Brendan Copley

Brendan Copley, CSCS, ATC, is a personal trainer who specializes in working with endurance athletes and post-rehab clients. Brendan is a marathoner and former cross-country runner and has worked as an athletic trainer for Quinnipiac University’s cross-country and track teams.

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