Break up with New Year's Resolutions

Meet Paul Steed: an avid runner, tennis player, and horseback rider, who is looking stronger than ever. After starting with Performance as an physical therapy client for a torn abductor, he now trains with Will Manzi. As he continues to improve his strength and endurance, Paul doesn't actually believe in New Year's Resolutions — instead, he seeks to be the best form of himself year round.

January 2, 2024 | Will Manzi, CEP


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Will Manzi

Will Manzi

William Manzi, CEP, is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer who specializes in the ability to take care of any individual, regardless of any limitations. Over the past ten years, he has trained a variety of different individuals for over ten years, including US Navy SEALs, heart attack patients, and more. Through this, Will has been able to build his expertise, and add an arsenal of exercises to his toolkit that can be progressed or digressed depending upon the individual.

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