Nicholas DiMeglio
Nicholas DiMeglio

Nicholas DiMeglio

Personal Trainer

  • BS in Applied Exercise Science, Springfield College

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Nicholas DiMeglio

Greenwich, New Canaan


“Nothing is more powerful than belief. Showing people that I have full confidence in them allows them to become confident in themselves and their abilities.”

Nicholas DiMeglio, CSCS, is a strength and conditioning specialist whose primary area of expertise is athletic development for both youth and adult populations. He is a firm believer in building a proper foundation of movement, especially in youth athletes, so they can achieve their maximum athletic potential with the lowest risk of injury.

Nicholas has a passion for sports and played Division III baseball at Springfield College. Once he discovered the impact he could have on people’s lives through athletics, there was no going back. Building those relationships with his clients and other trainers is at the core of his philosophy. By being mindful of how his actions affect others and vice versa, Nicholas is able to communicate more clearly, keep himself and his clients accountable, and provide better support as a trainer.

Nicholas recently finished certifications, Rethinking the Big Patterns Level 1 (a biomechanics based course on teaching and training movements), and The Art and Science of Speed Training (a course on running mechanics and program design for sprinting). He is currently working on completing a Metabolic Nutrition Certification, so that he can help athletes optimize their performance with nutrition on top of their training program.

In his off time, Nicholas competes in powerlifting and enjoys hiking with his dog, Baloo.

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