Christina Merrill
Christina Merrill

Christina Merrill

Pilates Instructor

  • BFA in Dance, University of the Arts

  • Mat Pilates Certified, Comprehensive Equipment trained through Balanced Body
Christina Merrill

Westport, Greenwich


"I am always rooting for people. When they feel cared for, they achieve more."

Christina Merrill is a lifelong dancer who channels her passion for movement into Pilates. She is particularly skilled in the contemporary technique, which emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to Pilates. Christina has always been interested in quality of movement, and she focuses on flexibility, strength, coordination and body/spatial awareness.

Christina believes that Pilates creates a strong foundation to do other things in life, especially through reconnecting you when you are pulled in many different directions.

When she is not practicing Pilates, Christina taps into her dance background, having concentrated in jazz in college. She currently teaches and performs in Fairfield County.

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